Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, 

My name is Keyanna, a senior at the John D O’Bryant School of Math and Science and a proud senior for Breakthrough’s Boston Campus. I remember when I attended Boston Preparatory Charter School, I was introduced to Breakthrough. A recruiter had come and I started the summer of 2019. That summer will forever be engraved in my memory for the amount of fun I had while learning. That summer I met my now best friends Kyla and Jackie and formed long-lasting bonds with teaching fellows such as Ashley, Nate, Alex and Tracy. However I did not get the normal Breakthrough experience like all the other alumnus due to Covid. When Covid hit it made very hard to continue the program. I was stripped from my last summer and it took a long time before the Boston campus. But nonetheless Breakthrough staff worked very hard to support us virtually.

If wasn’t for the following people, I probably would not be able to stand up here tonight that I, Keyanna, will be attending Xavier University of Louisiana majoring History and minoring in Entrepreneurship. To Abraham, thank you for being so consistent to the Boston campus. Your hard work has helped me and so many other breakthrough students. To Amarah, my college access college provided by Breakthrough, thank you for your support throughout my entire college process. From applying, to reading essays, taking me to see schools and being there when I got rejected from dream school, the love and support I got from you will never go unnoticed. No amount of words can express my appreciation. To the teaching fellows from summer 2019, Ashley, Tracy, Nate and Alex thank you for being the role models I needed. You guys basically watched me grow up and support I continue to receive I appreciate. To Kyla and Jacky, I thank you for being my friends. Breakthrough allowed us to come together and the bond we built I’ll never forget. And finally to Breakthrough as a whole, I thank you for being the extra support I needed that has allowed me to excel in high school and now college. 

Thank you.