Teacher Success

Breakthrough’s Success with Teachers

BTGB builds the next generation of educators through its teacher training program, cultivating leadership in talented, diverse college students who teach our classes and help run our programs. Teaching Fellows are provided training, support, and hands-on experience, that includes a 13-day Teacher Training Institute, weekly professional development, and mentorship by professional teachers.

On average, over 60% of BTGB Teaching Fellows identify as students of color,  and hail from top schools such as Boston University, Claremont McKenna, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Howard, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Tufts, and Vassar.

Teaching Fellows receive 500 hours of training and classroom experience in one Breakthrough Summer.

100% of Teaching Fellows feel better prepared to pursue a career in teaching after Breakthrough.

100% of Teaching Fellows finish their service with an understanding of their strengths and growth areas as a teacher.

75% of alumni continue in the field of education.