Family Advisory Committee

Breakthrough Greater Boston families provide a unique and invaluable perspective on our programming. Breakthrough’s Family Advisory Committee is comprised of family members from each of our campuses who reflect the diversity of our student body including school and grade level, language, ethnicity and nationality, as well as academic interests and needs. The Family Advisory Committee supports with student recruitment through outreach and by connecting with interested families, collaborates with program staff to lead portions of Breakthrough events, provides translation support for families as needed, and gives staff ongoing feedback on current and future programs to ensure that BTGB is continuing to grow and strengthen our offerings.

We are currently recruiting additional Family Advisory Committee members from our three campuses! If you are interested, please contact Amee Naik, Managing Director of College Access and Success at

Luis Rodriguez Sr, Co-Chair, Parent of Boston high school student

Anita Hastir, Co-Chair, Parent of Somerville high school student

Carolyn Lomax, Parent of Boston middle and high school students

Elisa Morales, Parent of Cambridge high school student

Helga Ocampo, Parent of Cambridge middle school student

Jacqueline Myers, Parent of Boston high school student

Lumina Mathurin, Parent of Boston middle school student

Stanton Green, Parent of Cambridge middle school student

Victoria Beguin, Parent of Cambridge middle school student