We are proud to announce the expansion of Breakthrough Greater Boston’s services to support our students through college. Beginning this fall (2022), Breakthrough will officially launch our College Success Program, which will extend support for our students from six to ten years, with programming from 7th grade through college. The Program will serve hundreds of students across Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville each year.  

Breakthrough’s College Success Program leverages the six-year relationships that we have built with students and their families to provide one-on-one coaching along with regular communication touchpoints, reminders, care packages, and in-person gatherings over school breaks.  

Nationally, a mere 14% of low-income students successfully graduate college. Over the last decade, college has become more unaffordable, and students are facing greater mental health challenges. We recognize that Breakthrough students are not immune to these challenges, even after six years of preparation. From 2018-2022 we piloted college success programming to explore what our students need, and how we could support those needs during their college years. We found that we are uniquely positioned to provide guidance to our students as they pursue their college degrees.  

We look forward to being by our students’ side for 10 years as they make their way to, and through, college.

Stay tuned as we share more details and highlights throughout the year!