Miranda Viskatis
Student, 2015-2016


Tell us about one way in which Breakthrough shaped your path?
Breakthrough showed me how empowering education can be, and why making education accessible is essential to the health of a community. Therefore, I am on a path to become an educator in the arts, in order to continue being an education accessibility advocate.

How do you carry the Breakthrough spirit with you today?
I’m never not learning something, and I’m always excited to learn new things!

Tell us one big way and one small way Breakthrough has stuck with you?
One small way BTGB has stuck with me is that getting a head start learning math over the summer made me confident to pursue it in high school, and eventually in college where I studied logic for computer science and philosophy. One big way BTGB has stuck with me is that I have so many colorful, fond memories from all the summers I spent, surrounded by wonderful people that uplifted me and made me
feel like I could succeed in whatever I set my mind to in life!