Charles (Chip) Weber
Teaching Fellow, 2015-2016 (Cambridge Campus)


Tell us about one way in which Breakthrough/Summerbridge shaped your path?
My summers at Breakthrough were great preparation for my career as a teacher now (both the challenges as well as the rewards). Something I carry with me to my work now is the importance of having community values whether it’s in the classroom or within a whole school. A strong set of values can really help guide a community of young people in a positive direction through the ups and downs.

Shower of praise – who was a Breakthrough/Summerbridge teacher or student who shaped your path and how?
There were so many great teachers that I got to work with who really inspired me to be a social justice educator. I’ll probably miss some, but a few shout out’s in particular to Travis, Ahimsa, Erin, Hayley, and Aryeh. They all really pushed me to be more radical, antiracist, and reflective about the power of teaching. I thank them a lot.

Most memorable Breakthrough/Summerbridge moment?
Chasing the buses! There was a lot of symbolism there. Of course, the idea that we loved our students so much that we wanted to chase their buses down the street. But it was also just a great way to end the day and get some energy out after a long day. And the final bus chase at the end of the year was a blast too. Maybe this is why I’m a marathon runner now.

What are three words you’d use to describe the Breakthrough/Summerbridge community?
Dynamic. Eclectic. Empowering.