Adrienne Carmack
Teaching Fellow, 2016


Tell us about one way in which Breakthrough shaped your path?
My favorite part of my job was supporting students to take their passions, experiences, and identities and become change-makers in their communities. One of my most poignant Breakthrough memories was helping two students (who did not particularly enjoy the academic aspects of the program) create and facilitate a workshop on gender and sexuality for their peers. Experiences like this led me to pursue a career in supporting youth-driven advocacy, and I now run a nonprofit in Maine, Hardy Girls Healthy Women, that creates supportive and empowering programming for girls and nonbinary youth across the state.

Most memorable Breakthrough moment?
No question — the camping trip! While the trip itself was a wildly fun experience, I will never forget the 7th grade bus breaking down in rural New Hampshire, my friend and fellow Teaching Fellow Sophie Long and I directing traffic around the bus,and walking with the students to a farmstand up the road while we waited for another bus to come retrieve us.