Zoe Russell
Teaching Fellow, 2014-2016


Tell us about one way in which Breakthrough shaped your path?
My students inspired me every day with their brilliance. Breakthrough solidified for me the desire to do something that would specifically benefit low-income black and brown children and families so that they would have access to the opportunities they deserved!

Most memorable Breakthrough moment?
Taking my mentees out to ice cream and pizza with my co-teacher in JP! It was so meaningful to have that 1:1 time and share space with them outside of class.

Shower of praise- who was a Breakthrough student or teacher who shaped your path and how?
Oompa and Noelani Gabriel from my first summer, each taught me what it truly meant to care for and about students emotionally and intellectually. John Quinn from my second summer. He embodied the true Breakthrough spirit and brought it with him everywhere he went.